Why I Wish the iPhone Was a Flip Phone

So we’re on vacation in Fiji. Our flight gets delayed, so I called my parents (who were picking us up) to let them know the new plan. Hung up. Stuck the phone in my pocket. Went for a walk. Didn’t think about the phone for almost an hour. Pulled the phone out of my pocket. Discovered that it had redialed my father … 50 minutes ago. At $3.49 per minute. So we got this little gem in the “voice roaming” section of our bill:


I can’t really blame anyone but myself since I didn’t think to hit the lock button, but still … ouch.

I’d love it if Apple came out with an iPhone Flip.

4 thoughts on “Why I Wish the iPhone Was a Flip Phone

  1. Ouch is right. Unfortunately I get how easily that is done. I now have a flip phone. Lucky for me I didn’t have roaming charges when I put mine in my purse and it dialed but still!!

    Hope all is well.

    Love you all

  2. Kind of reminds me of the time I got home from a trip and my wife said “Bob, play the messages, will you?” So I did, and I got the treat of listening to my own tone-dead singing for 45 mins.

    I had called home while driving, left a message, and then I THOUGHT I pushed the “hang up” button, but NO!

  3. Just checking in to see how you and Tara are doing. Talked to Susan and she seems to be doing well.

    I tried to change my e-mail address from work to now home. Just got it yesterday and am still working on testing it. I will let eveyone know when it is receving. The guy installing it didn’t have the right cables to hook up my printer or my fax so have to do that. Also Charter told me they had free virus protection but in fact they do not, it is just a firewall for back lash to there own equipement. They did down load Norton Virus proctection and I guess we get it free for 30 days, then we have to either pay them or do something else. What do you think I should do?

    Right now still e-mail me at work at nancy.wolfe@dept56.com

    Love you guys,

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